Hoja Verde in Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés Spanje

Hoja Verde in Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés Spanje

Hoja Verde chocolade te koop Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés in Spanje.

Hoja Verde chocolade te koop bij El Corte Inglés

Hieronder het verhaal van de lancering van Hoja Verde in El Corte Inglés in het Engels.

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Gonzalo Babe ,Director of Institutional Relations; Luis Vayas Valdivieso, Ecuador Embassador, Nicolás Vélez, CEO Hoja Verde and Cristóbal Martínez Villaroel,Buyer Central Manager´s Club del Gourmet de El Corte Inglés.

Gourmet Club El Corte Inglés 

The Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés incorporates in its wide range of delicatessen products the Ecuadorian chocolate 'Hoja Verde'.
The chocolate company, Hoja Verde Gourmet, is committed to a sustainable business model that connects producers and consumers, and respects the environment.
Madrid- May 11, 2017
Chocolate 'Hoja Verde' arrives to Spain by the hand of The Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés. This cacao, recognized internationally by experts as one of the best cacaos in the world, due to its characteristic texture and aroma, stands out for its commitment to Ecuadorian society and the environment, in addition to the quality of its products.
Hoja Verde Gourmet is characterized by its business model which seeks to connect the producer with the consumer, persevering in the quality of life of the producers, promoting the culture of cacao in the Ecuadorian community, and trying to generate a positive impact in farmers, consumers and the environment. This commitment to sustainability is aligned with El Corte Inglés's commitment to society and the environment.
The chocolate company is present in the best gourmet stores of Europe (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany ...), the United States and Asia. In Spain, The Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés is a pioneer in incorporating this chocolate in different modalities 100% BIO with a cacao component of 100%, 80%, 72%, 66%, and variants of a 58% cacao composition with Quinoa and Chia seeds.
The manufacturing process of the Hoja Verde Gourmet chocolate follows the formula of the expert French-Italian chocolatier and taster Georg Bernardini, author of the book: "Der schokoladentester", which gastronomic critics refer to as the Chocolate Bible. The quality and intense flavor of Hoja Verde Gourmet chocolates have awarded the brand with different national and international awards, such as: Bronze Award 2016 in the 66% Pure Bar category, and Bronze Bar Award in the 80% Pure Bar category, 'Best Dark Chocolate in Ecuador 2016' by the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London, as well as Gold Bar Award in the 72% and 66% Pure Bar category, and 'Best Dark Chocolate in Ecuador 2016' by the Academy of Chocolatiers of Ecuador.
Cacao, which in Latin means "Food of the Gods", receives the scientific name of Theobroma Cacao. Ecuador cultivates cacao Fino de Aroma, a cacao faithful to the climatic and geographical conditions of the country. Its characteristic flavor and aroma comes from a very specific genetic group that differentiates it from other cacaos in the world.
The "Golden Bean" is the name that farmers from the cacao areas of Ecuador give to cacao. More than 100,000 families from the lands of the Coast, Sierra and Amazonía in almost all Ecuador cultivate these seeds. The company acquires the raw material of its chocolates from national producers who have organic certification. They are small and medium farmers who use agroforestry seeding/planting techniques, combining cacao crops with other plant species between trees and different types of plants that harbor a biodiversity of insects and birds. All products are certified with USDA Organic, Kosher and EU Organic BIO certifications. In addition, the company Hoja Verde Gourmet is a promoter of fair trade in Ecuador and the rest of the world.


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